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Catch the Mania (CTM) is time-tested, age-spanning trivia! Since 2006, our trivia has been running across the country, from Vermont to Alaska, Hawaii to Florida...

CTM is an engaging presentation in which all questions, pictures and audio come up on television screens.  The interactive nature of the CTM presentation as well as the obvious visual benefits is currently delivering fun, excitement, loyalty and business to individuals and establishments across the country.  Whether you are a restaurant or bar with a slow night, a campground or destination location, or a DJ company looking to fill in some weekday slots, Catch The Mania trivia is the affordable answer!  

If you are looking for a way to generate more income for yourself or your business, CTM is the tool for you...but don’t take our word for it; the success is undeniable, listen to what others have to say.

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Catch The Mania at the KOA Expo

Catch The Mania at the KOA Expo

With the success of Catch The Mania's trivia at Sugarloaf Key Florida's KOA, it was suggested by the General Manager Wendy Woodman that we attend the annual convention...this year's celebrating KOA's 60th anniversary. Orange County Convention Center (a behemoth of a building the size of a large airport terminal) was host to a multitude of KOA owners, managers, and vendors. The familial feeling was evident from the onset, with friendly faces welcoming us to the