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Trivia in paradise at NAS Key West

Trivia in paradise at NAS Key West MWR hosts a popular trivia for military and retired military On the edge of the Gulf of Mexico, about as far south as the road will take you, Eva Kennedy is creating some weekly excitement at Sunset Lounge at Sigsbee Park. Grab some food at Hideaway Grill, sit back while the sun slowly sets, and challenge your brain to some trivia while Eva hosts, jokes, and entertains. Every Tuesday, for military and retired military, stop by and see Eva!

Road To Success

Being successful in business is making good decisions.  If you give Catch The Mania's Intro Package 8 consecutive weeks, it will be one of the best business decisions you've made.  We are trivia experts and specialize in growing slow nights with our proven product and training.  Follow our "Road To Success" below to begin to grow your night!

Business Owner

Congratulations, you are 15 steps away from beginning a great business process. If you follow our road to success you can’t go wrong!

  1. Identify a 3 hour time period from 5pm – 10pm and day where you can use more business.
  2. Identify a great personality on your staff, or hire a DJ / Emcee and enroll them into being the Catch The Mania Host (we may be able to help here)
  3. Purchase CTM’s intro package.
  4. Have your Host log on and read the “Road To Success”
  5. Pick a date to launch, and advertise for two weeks from the time you want to start CTM.
  6. Identify prizes to include on posters and flyers and marketing.  Distributors are a great source for prizes!
  7. Download your favorite posters and flyers from your personal member page.
  8. Put posters up, and post info on social media.
  9. Start talking about the start date with Staff and encourage them to bring their friends.
  10. Have host go through the first week's presentation and read this so they are prepared.
  11. Continue to market and promote with in house marketing, word of mouth, social media and traditional advertising.
  12. Have host test all equipment and connections – do a dry run with computer, music and TVs (for help read this.)  Or contact your CTM representative.
  13. On your start date – present CTM, have fun, begin building a dependable, great night.
  14. Repeat from step 9, forever!
  15. Make money, have fun!


Congratulations you have taken the steps towards making more money in less time, having fun and building business. If you follow our Road To Success you will see great progress.

  1. Login to the CTM site and download your first week.
  2. Read the CTM Road to Success.
  3. Run the presentation on your computer to see what it’s like. Can’t do that? Click here.
  4. Identify the night and physical location of CTM trivia night
  5. Identify the prizes you will be using, speak with ownership
  6. Download the posters and flyers you like and add your own information, prizes, times and locations.
  7. Post posters and flyers at location, use social media to get the word out, enroll staff and friends.
  8. Check all the equipment you need
  9. Do a dry run the days before the first show. Set up audio and video to make sure you are ready
  10. Gather all the other materials you will need
  11. Blast social media, arrive early to set up and rock out your first gig
  12. Have fun, stay in touch with ownership and players, continue to market and grow and keep the gig
  13. Go to the bank and deposit your money!