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Trivia in paradise at NAS Key West

Trivia in paradise at NAS Key West MWR hosts a popular trivia for military and retired military On the edge of the Gulf of Mexico, about as far south as the road will take you, Eva Kennedy is creating some weekly excitement at Sunset Lounge at Sigsbee Park. Grab some food at Hideaway Grill, sit back while the sun slowly sets, and challenge your brain to some trivia while Eva hosts, jokes, and entertains. Every Tuesday, for military and retired military, stop by and see Eva!

Upstate New York

The following locations are hosting Summer 2012 tournaments:

Graney's Stout - Starting Wed, July 4 and running through Wed September 12.  Giveway is on September 12.   Game is weekly at 7pm.  PRIZE:  Giants/Dolphins Tickets and Hotel room for 2 nights in Miami

Villa Valenti Pub - Starting Thursday, June 14 and running through Thursday, September 6.  Giveaway is on September 13.  Game is weekly at 7pm.  PRIZE:  4 Red Sox/Yankees Tickets Oct 3 at Yankee Stadium

Brick House Pizza - Starting Wednesday, June 13 and running through Wednesday, September 12.  Giveaway is on September 12.  Game is weekly at 7:15pm.  PRIZE:  50 Inch Flat Screen TV



"We regulate any stealing of this property, and we damn good too"

  1. All teams that play at least 50% plus 1 week of the entire duration of the tournament are eligible to win the grand prize
  2. The winning team doesn't necessarily win the grand prize but they will have the best chance
  3. The prize will be given away in the form of a raffle on the final date listed above.  Each team will get a certain number of raffle tickets based on their performance, attendance and random acts of awesomeness.  A ticket will be drawn and the holder of the ticket will win the grand prize.  The better you do each week, the more consistently attend and the more awesome you are, the more chances you will have to win
  4. **Added July 13 - All teams that play at least 6 rounds will receive at least one ticket no matter where they placed.  We want everyone to have a chance but we want the regular attendees and best teams to have the best chance.
  5. There are three (3) ways to score listed below
  6. PERFORMANCE - Score well, win weekly, finish in first place for the season.  The team that finishes in first place will win a prize but they will also get the most tickets towards the grand prize
  7. ATTENDANCE - There will be bonus tickets given for perfect and almost perfect attendance (almost perfect means at least 80% of the weeks)
  8. AWESOMENESS - There will be occasional internet awesomeness and if you achieve it there will be tickets given.  The way you find out about internet awesomeness is to "friend" us on Facebook HERE
  9. If you come in last place every week and only attend 50% plus 1 week of the games you will still have a chance to win.  You will have a dog in the fight...but remember those teams that come regularly will have more dogs and those teams that actually perform well will have even more dogs...
  10. There is no cell phone use and if you are caught using cellphones you will be whipped with a wet noodle repeatedly and frowned at severely
  11. In cases where an answer is questioned the verdict of the trivia host is final and irrefutable and god like, arguing will only serve to annoy the gods and bring shame and locusts onto your team
  12. The prize for the first place team after the entire season will be a DJ/Dance Party and/or Trivia Show for you or your workplace - $550 value!!  If, by chance, the winners of the DJ/Dance Party also win the grand prize, that team will then get their choice of the two and the remaining prize will be put back into the drawing for another team to win.

Good luck, happy braining, have fun, rock and roll - spread the love, spread the word!