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Catch The Mania at the KOA Expo

Catch The Mania at the KOA Expo

With the success of Catch The Mania's trivia at Sugarloaf Key Florida's KOA, it was suggested by the General Manager Wendy Woodman that we attend the annual convention...this year's celebrating KOA's 60th anniversary. Orange County Convention Center (a behemoth of a building the size of a large airport terminal) was host to a multitude of KOA owners, managers, and vendors. The familial feeling was evident from the onset, with friendly faces welcoming us to the

Catch The Mania

Do you know why Pub Trivia is such a success? Because people love to get the right answer and they love it even more when they get the right answer with their friends. Most teams that come to Trivia nights don’t win but they keep coming back, again and again and they keep spending money. And because that’s not going to change any time soon, Trivia can and is an amazing way to build business in an exciting, fun and dependable way.

Catch The Mania is Trivia for the 21st Centruy; it is a complete audio/visual experience NOT a guy reading questions off a piece of paper. It is a fully developed 2-hour visual presentation that is played on the TV’s at the location. The sound can either be run through an in house sound system or easily plugged into a portable PA.

Even though a Catch The Mania event is a two hour presentation, your customers generally spend more time than that as they come early for seats and to order food and drinks. During the presentation a host takes contestants through seven unique rounds of questions and answers, always keeping the the teams (your customers) informed of how everyone is scoring.  Yells of joy are a common sound at all CTM events as teams celebratet their right answers.  Prizes are awarded in a way that encourages all to participate and return, not just the winning teams.

The beauty of a successful CTM night is that people come out for the experience of Catch The Mania.  They have fun with friends, enjoy good food and drink, compete and win (even if they don't).  In fact most teams never actually win but that's not why they're coming (or at least not the only reason), they come because  Trivia is FUN and Catch The Mania Trivia is the most fun! People make a night of it at your establishment, week after week, year after year. That’s the power of Catch The Mania Trivia. And the reason Catch The Mania Trivia is the best option is because we offer the most unique, engaging presentation with the most support and training available online. Our presentation keeps your night fresh and exciting and our superior tools and support ensure that your trivia night takes off and continues to grow, so that year two is better than year one and year five is even better...