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What Game File Do I Download From The Member Page?

Posted: March 16, 2012

Catch The Mania is designed to play across a wide range of formats and computer types.  However there are some computers that have older software programs that don’t allow for the playing of media in the presentation.  If you have one of these set ups you will be able to play the slide show but you won’t hear music or see video when those rounds come up.  Have no fear!

Inside the Catch The Mania Member page there are two different types of GAME files, “Media” and “No Media”.  Each file is exactly the same except the “No Media” file is designed with some different questions to replace the music or videos.  The beauty is that the answers to each are the same, you only need one answer sheet.  There are also assorted support and marketing files in the form of PDFs, Jpegs and more.  For this article we are focusing on the Game files

So if you have a computer with software that can play music and video files you download the “Media” files and if you have a computer with software that cannot play music and video files you download the “No Media” files.  Like we said above you only need to download one of the answer sheets because they are the same for each file.

If you want to know what software supports playing music and video files click here.

Media VS Non-Media Downloads

Posted: February 7, 2012

Catch The Mania is a highly effective business building too.  It has been designed to work across many formats and operating systems and in almost any environment.  One of the greatest aspects of CTM is that it plays on the TV screens at each location.  This projection allows your customers to see as well as hear the questions which is a major difference from many other trivia programs.  Another great aspect of CTM is that we offer media files embedded in the presentation that allow you to play music, videos or both enhancing the experience of the game.  However, as demonstrated by so many trivia nights that don’t broadcast on screens at all, having embedded media is not necessary to having a successful night.

If you don’t have the requisite software or licenses to allow audio/visual playback, have no fear, we have a presentation that will fit your current needs without sacrificing your success and when you begin to see how successful CTM can be, you can upgrade and begin using the media based presentation.

What is Non-Media based CTM?
Non-Media Based CTM is a presentation exactly like Media Based CTM with the exception that the media (audio/visual) files have been removed.  However the questions are all pretty much the same and the answers are definitely the same as in the Media Based model.  For example if you download the Non-Media Based CTM model you will find that the music round (typically embedded with songs) will have written lyrics or written questions about the song title and the artist instead of having a media file of that song.  The answer will be the same, the question will be different.

What is Media Based CTM?
This is the full media package where you will actually hear songs and see videos and then have questions to answer about each.  The answers in this version are the same as the answers in the Non-Media Based version, it’s the questions that are different.

How do I know which one to use?

The simplest way to know is to download the media version and see if the media (songs, videos, sound clips) plays on your computer.  If it does, that’s the one you want.  If it doesn’t you can check a few things like what software you have and if you can’t or don’t want to remedy the situation, choose the Non-Media Based version.  Both versions will give you high quality, fun questions broadcast on the TV screens of the locations.