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What hardware do I need?

Posted: January 6, 2012

What hardware do I need to be a CTM host?

We’ve designed Catch The Mania Trivia to be simple and easily accesible.  Like with every great service base product there is an initial investment of time and money but you don’t need much; if you want to be able to a Catch The Mania Trivia night anywhere that has a TV you will need the following equipment.

Generic List

  • Self Powered Speaker
  • 3 Channel Mixer (1 mic and 2 line inputs)
  • Microphone and Cable
  • Assorted patch cords
  • HDMI cable or VGA cable
  • Computer
  • Adapters for your computer
  • Mp3 player, iPod or iPhone (if you aren’t going to use your computer to play music)
  • Bag for your computer, mixer, cords, pens, score sheets ++
  • Bag for speaker
  • Tripod to mount speaker

Check out this gallery with all the equipment I use (as listed above).  For a larger picture, click on the image.

Check out the pics to get a detailed feel for what the equipment looks like.  As with all technology you can really spend as much as you want on things but you also don’t have to spend a lot to be up and running.  In fact for a basic system (not including the computer) you can be up and running for between $500 and $750.  With one Catch The Mania gig paying you can be paid back in less than 8 weeks!

Keep in mind that you may want to start small and simple while you are getting your feet wet.  Once you get the feel for the program and people begin asking you to do Catch The Mania for them you will have time to upgrade your system.  One of the things I’ve found very useful is as I upgrade I sell my used and well taken care of equipment to the hosts I am training.

Also you are essentially purchasing the ability to play amplified and mixed music and there are other opportunities to make money with a set up like that.  For that reason some people like to invest a little more upfront and get a more solid system.  For between $1,000 and $1,500 you can be well equipped to handle just about any small event.

To see what Software you need, click here.

Have fun with this an as always if you have any questions let us know.

Equipment, What do I need?

Posted: December 30, 2011

Catch the Mania (CTM) has a very simple setup, with the right equipment.  Although every situation may be a bit different, here are some of the main components:

  1. A reliable computer:  The computer doesn’t have to be fancy or loaded with features or memory.  It needs to be able to connect to the internet, and connect to an external monitor (TV / projector).  Having PowerPoint (or a compatible program) installed is necessary.
  2. TVs:  CTM is an audio/visual experience.  All the questions are designed to be presented on a television or projector screen. The signal from the computer can be hardwired (VGA, HDMI cables) or through a wireless process (Chromecast, Apple TV, etc.)
  3. Microphone (Mic):  You need to be able to present the show on a mic.  (You will also need a mic cable, if the microphone is not wireless).
  4. Speaker(s):  Some locations may have their own sound system, while others may require a portable speaker.  Many speakers are self-contained (plug & play).  See our list of suggestions in the link below.
  5. Ability to play background music. If you have a computer with iTunes or Windows Media Player, that may be easiest, while others may find that using a phone is just as easy.
  6. A few cords and adapters:  You need a cord to go from your computer to the speaker, a cord to go from your computer to the TV, and potentially a cord to go from your phone to the speaker.
  7. Mixer:  This is a more advanced piece of equipment, and not necessary, but a great thing to have.  There are many small, very affordable mixers.

Click here for our operating guide, with equipment suggestions.