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How Do Hints Help

Posted: December 3, 2011

Finding that trivia is too difficult for some teams, or smaller teams?  Some hosts use hints and others don’t.  Something to consider…trivia is meant as entertainment, and hints are an important part of creating friendly, inclusive vibe (especially if you are in a smaller venue).

Our questions are challenging.  Especially in the beginning while you’re getting started, it can be important give new players a chance to really feel their way into the game by offering hints as a way to engage more people.  After all, if more people know the answer, more people will want to play, at least until they realize how much fun it is whether they know the answer or not.

As a host, remember you are creating a VIBE of inclusion and fun and if people get frustrated because they don’t get any answers right, that’s not very inclusive.  Entertainment value is the goal.

So why don’t we make the questions easier? Well, there are some trivia enthusiasts out there who want a challenging night…it’s a lot easier for the host to give hints to make a question easier, than to try to make an easy presentation harder!  One of the best things about Catch The Mania Trivia is that our questions are real and challenging…some locations have 200+ people in attendance, and giving hints to teams of 10 might not make sense.

After a few nights of running trivia, the host will get a sense of what works at each specific night!