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What makes Catch The Mania different?

Posted: March 8, 2023

Unlike when we first started our offerings, many companies now have a visual component to their presentation of trivia.  So, why Catch The Mania? Well…

  1. We want you to succeed and make trivia more and more profitable for your business.  We charge a small, reasonable fee for our trivia that does not change as your trivia nights get bigger.  Many companies that provide trivia make their money on a sliding scale; the more teams that show up, the more they charge.  Not Catch The Mania…that increase in business is your reward for running a successful trivia night.
  2. We don’t charge the venues ourselves and then pay you out of that income.  You are in control of your own destiny (and income)!
  3. You can manipulate the presentation: although our trivia questions are of the highest quality, you can change any questions you’d like to reflect themes, local questions, etc.  You can add your logo into the presentation and promote yourself.  You can add the sponsor’s logo if you see fit.

Be a maniac!

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