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Joe Bunn from The DJ’s Vault visits for a trivia conversation: How It Can Change Your Business

Posted: March 7, 2023

Previously posted on The DJs Vault, Joe Bunn visited Key West to talk trivia (and do a little deep sea fishing). Here is an edited video of our time together, highlighting the benefits of Catch The Mania trivia, and how to make that side money on off nights and during slow season. (Learn more here)

For Vault members, we’re offering 50% off your “Intro Pack”, or first 8-weeks of trivia. At $25 a week, it’s the most fun, cost-efficient way to make your part-time DJ career a full-time job, or fill the schedules of the DJs who want more work. Use this link to get your trivia!

Or, to learn more, find out why Catch The Mania can change your business…with specific questions, email us at trivia@catchthemania.com.

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